Saturday, March 30, 2013

Touched by An Angel

One year ago today, you quietly slipped away
Leaving your Mommy's arms
To be with Jesus for your days,
Meaning no harm

Unbenounced to us all,
as you entered this life,
Was an angel who would call,
hearts to fill with love and not strife

All in his way,
Saw life as it is,
Defined by God each day,
Not man's expectation but His

Wonder we saw,
each success you made,
celebrating with awe,
each moment not to trade

His plan was set,
Your days all counted,
Twenty months we would get,
To have your lessons all mounted

Not a day goes by,
Without seeing your mark,
As we look to the sky,
And see bright hope not dark

We love you Carterman,
And each day you are missed
But it is God's plan,
Eternal life is His gift.

We will see you again,
When our time is called,
We thank you little man,
Your lessons always will befall

Dedicated to my nephew, 
Carter Matthew Abbott
July 30, 2010-March 30, 2012